Tando® Architectural Sill and Sill Corner Earn Prestigious 2021 Golden Hammer Award from HBS Dealer Magazine




Tando® Architectural Sill and Sill Corner Earn Prestigious 2021 Golden Hammer Award from HBS Dealer Magazine

September 13, 2021 

Quebec City, Quebec – Tando®, a brand of Derby Building Products, has received a 2021 Golden Hammer Award from HBS Dealer magazine for its Architectural Sill and Architectural Sill Corner. Judged by HBS Dealer’s editorial staff, the prestigious Golden Hammer Awards recognizes the best of the best new products in the home improvement industry.

Created to complement TandoStone®, the #1 brand of composite stone, Architectural Sill and Sill Corner are architecturally accurate and offer the realistic look and feel of natural stone. Delivering beauty and functionality, Tando’s Architectural Sill features a forward slope to direct water away from the structure, offering superior moisture management. Lightweight and easy to cut, the products can be installed by one-person using standard tools. Architectural Sill Corner can be used as a corner, or builders can cut the pieces on the left or right side to act as an end cap to terminate a run.

“We’re delighted to earn a Golden Hammer Award for Tando’s Architectural Sill and Sill Corner,” said Ralph Bruno, CEO, Derby Building Products. “These products were created to offer easy installation along with a beautiful, natural transition for TandoStone.”

Tando’s Architectural Sill’s versatile design features an integrated nailing flange which can be repurposed as a starter strip for simplified installation beneath windows and breakaway spacers that can be used as “shims” for products that require additional clearance.

Perfect for adding curb appeal and rich textures to any exterior, Tando’s Architectural Sill and Sill Corner are available in three rich colors: Pewter, Raven and Sable. Each Architectural Sill measures approximately 30” in length and corners are 5” on each face. All have an exposed height of 2.5”.

For more information about Architectural Sill and Sill Corner, visit www.tandobp.com. To see the HBS Dealer 2021 Golden Hammer Award winners, visit www.hbsdealer.com.

About Tando

Tando’s exterior building products leverage innovation and manufacturing technology to solve market challenges such as labor shortages, long lead times, and moisture concerns all while meeting consumer demand for mixed material exteriors and low maintenance. From launching the first polymer shake over 40 years ago to developing the #1 brand of Composite Stone, Tando has a proven history of creating new categories, including TandoStone®, Beach House Shake®, and TandoShake®. Tando is owned by Derby Building Products. For more information, visit www.tandobp.com or www.beachhouseshake.com.

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