TandoStone® Rocks Industry with Game-Changing aLL-Pro Corner™

Corner Close upQuebec City, Quebec – Tando Composites announces the launch of its new TandoStone aLL-Pro Corner™ as part of the industry-leading TandoStone, the number one brand of composite stone. The addition of the aLL-Pro Corner creates the best stone system on the market. TandoStone has long been the choice of professional siding installers who have grown tired of the weight, breakage, wet saw cutting, time intensity, and cost of painted concrete panels. Now, they can install the beautiful aLL-Pro Corner with the same ease and confidence as TandoStone panels. Unlike the painted concrete options, there are no seams or repeating patterns with TandoStone or the aLL-Pro Corner.

Ralph Bruno, CEO of Derby Building Products, the parent company of Tando Composites, said siding installers continue to see high demand for exterior stone applications. And, with installation in minutes as opposed to the days required for mortar-applied stone, the aLL-Pro Corner offers a sleek corner solution that is the perfect fit with TandoStone. Thanks to its unique design, the aLL-Pro Corner revolutionizes installation. In fact, in a recent time study, a professional siding installer crew of 3 who had never installed TandoStone prior, installed a full square of TandoStone product, including the corners, in only 26 minutes (Time-lapse video of the installation: https://youtu.be/sQyVfL68YYE ).

According to Bruno, “TandoStone’s aLL-Pro Corner is a game changer. The market has been calling for Stone accents that not only can be installed by siding installers but embraced by these same professionals. The TandoStone Composite Stone System with the aLL-Pro Corner is the installer's "go-to” Stone. While painted concrete veneers add cost, labor, and time to an already time-intensive and arduous job, with TandoStone and the aLL-Pro Corner, installers can be on and off the job site in record time. From start to finish, even cutting around windows, electrical boxes, or hose bib installation is a breeze without any special labor or tools – and can be completed in any weather condition.”

TandoStone and the aLL-Pro Corner provide a new level of realism over painted concrete veneers. The lightweight composite technology allows for the use of ladders instead of scaffolding and there is never any breakage. TandoStone takes installer safety to a new level with no more worries about harmful silica dust or falling stones. TandoStone, and now the new aLL-Pro Corner, deliver a stone exterior that is a new standard for top remodelers, builders, and multi-family developers.

Learn more about Tando Composites and the TandoStone aLL-Pro Corner at http://www.tandocomposites.com.


About Tando Composites
Tando Composites, a division of Derby Building Products, is the leader in composite exterior cladding with Beach House Shake®, the authentic composite shingle, and TandoStone®, the #1 brand of composite stone. Backed by more than five decades of product innovation, Tando Composites produces high-performance products professionals prefer and consumers demand. For more information on Beach House Shake or TandoStone, visit http://www.beachhouseshake.com or http://www.tandocomposites.com.


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