LBM Journal Selects TandoShake™ and TandoStone™ as New & Noteworthy Products

Tando shake and stone products, marketed as TandoShake and TandoStone, has announced the creation and launch of what it describes as two new categories of exterior cladding. The new Tando brand is being driven by the team behind Novik, which acquired Exteria Building Products in June 2016. According to the company, Tando combines the best technologies offered by Novik and Exteria under a single brand name targeted to pros.

The genesis for Tando was a quantitative industry research study conducted in the summer of 2016. It affirmed three current exterior trends that are being driven by professional installers and homeowners:

  • The beauty and realism of natural materials without the expense and commitment to ongoing maintenance.
  • Consumers demanding mixed materials and textures on the exterior of their home.
  • The need to address and mitigate concerns around moisture management.

“We are offering the building industry a new way to think about exterior cladding,” said Ralph Bruno, president. “Tando is not only the most realistic looking shake and stone on the market, it also solves moisture issues, particularly at the roofline and ground level. You can use TandoShake for the entire house or you can use it in high moisture areas such as the gable, while using the stone to cover the foundation. We call it the ‘hat and the shoes,’ and then use any kind of siding—fiber cement, vinyl, or stucco.”

To capitalize on combined technologies, TandoShake will debut a specialty line on March 1 with its new SignatureStain, a process that imparts a true semi-transparent stain to the polymer shake product line. “In addition to looking just like stained wood,” said Bruno, “SignatureStain has a proprietary UV protection that offers an industry leading warranty.”

Another technology leap for the new Tando line is new Beach House Shake, which was previewed at a press conference during the 2017 International Builder’s Show. The company says the product has been well-received by contractors because of its realistic appearance and ease of installation. Engineered to withstand any climate, Tando’s Beach House Shake will be available in April 2017.

Likewise, TandoStone aims to offer a realistic look, right down to its authentic texture. In addition to being lighter, the company says it is more workable, and easier and faster to install than stone or stone veneer. It features a proprietary coating to protect against harmful UV rays and is impervious to moisture, making it suitable for ground contact applications.

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About Tando

Tando represents the creation of something new and completely different in exterior cladding. An innovative product portfolio backed by the most advanced technologies in the industry. Tando takes exterior cladding to a new level by replicating the natural beauty and texture of wood and stone in a product line that promises virtually no upkeep, provides professional installers with the opportunity to create arresting mixed material finishes, all while addressing and mitigating the issues and concerns around moisture management. Tando products complement all types of siding including fiber cement, engineered wood, stucco, brick, and vinyl.

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Tando Building Products are available through retailer locations and distributors in select US locations.

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