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Tando takes the very best of two great brands - Novik and Exteria - and brings them together to better meet the evolving needs of the professional installer, remodeler and home builder.

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TandoStone TandoShake Beach House Shake by Tando


Introducing TandoStone.

In the beginning, there was stone – beautiful, but bulky, heavy, expensive and difficult to work with. Then came stone veneer – also good looking and while easier to work with than boulders, still bulky, heavy, expensive and limited in terms of its workability. Then came TandoStone:

  • Lighter and more workable than stone and stone veneer.
  • Proprietary technology and processes that deliver a look and feel that is “as real as it gets.”
  • Provides pro-installers with a platform to deliver creative and visually arresting exteriors using conventional tools.
  • Proprietary technology for unparalleled durability that enhances longevity and brilliance.
  • Quick and easy one-person installation.
  • Eco-friendly; consumes less fuel for shipping while accruing less installation waste.
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  • HSS-BarnRed-Creek-BucksCountyGray-cropped.jpeg
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Introducing TandoShake.

In the beginning, there was wood – it was beautiful, but it needed to be maintained to slow (but never completely stop) the effects of Mother Nature. Then came vinyl, fiber cement and finally TandoShake:

  • Easier to install and more workable than other options.
  • TandoShake puts the power of choice and creativity back into the hands of the professional installer.
    • Architectural style
    • Texture
    • Wood stain
  • Proprietary technology and processes that deliver a look and feel so real, you’ll want to touch it.
  • Proprietary technology for unparalleled durability.
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  • RS8-Bethany-Beach.jpg
  • RS8-Youngsville.jpg

Why Tando?

Homeowners want low-maintenance, mixed material exteriors without compromising beauty and curb appeal. Builders and professional installers want simple installation and creative flexibility. Above all, the building industry demands exterior products that protect our homes and structures, keeping moisture out and holding up to Mother Nature’s craziest elements.

So why Tando, you ask? Because Tando is revolutionizing exterior products by marrying form and function in an unprecedented way. Finally, quality and aesthetics can live as one.  

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